Most Beautiful Filipino Female Stars

5. Chemical value

Qi Chi is a Filipino player and model. He starred in the successful Filipino film and television, and he cited the Philippine entertainment industry for Filipino film and TV achievements. Without power, it is very beautiful and warm. We also celebrated and named hundreds of celebrations.

4. Faculty
Nadine Luster is the 10 best ten movie players. TV stars have been watched in many TV series and in many movies. In 2016, Stermermom won the most beautiful women in the Philippines for the third time among the 100 S women in FHM in the Philippines. Chandelier is a professional singer and a member of a female pop girl.

3. Carrie Bernino

Carnino is a famous filmmaker in the Philippines. He was first known as a hit in the Filipino drama "Clara". Since 2003, I have worked in many movies and TV. In 2015 he gained status from FHM Philippines in the Philippines' S * xiest 100 Filipina women. Bernabeiro is considered one of the best flippen films.

2. Frank Lucen

Angel Rausanne is one of the top 10 players in the Philippines. Throughout his career, Harry has played an important role in movies and television for his mentor skills. In 2010, S * Women 's Philippines ranked 100th in the Philippines. In addition, she is the most successful Filipino cinematography in her generation.

1. Lisa Sobriano

Here is Lisa Sobers, the woman who deleted the list of Filipino singers. A 19-year-old Filipino-American actor is undoubtedly a Filipino player in our competitive generation. He has appeared on many TV and movies. In 2015, the Siberian philosopher's live lifestyle 29 has been included in a very bright and beautiful list. We believe it when we say that the beauty of the player will bring you to your heart at first sight. Most Beautiful Filipino Female Stars